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Łosice, Czarkowskiego 14


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Our offer includes a comprehensive transport service to all countries of the EU and third countries. We have our own modern fleet . In addition, we work with the network of carriers who are able to join us to meet the needs of our customers.

Our company's offer includes:
  • Trucks complying with emission standards - Euro 5 Air cargo refrigerated trailers:
  • Przewóz ładunków naczepami chłodniczymi:
  • ► Standard Refrigerators
    ► Refrigerators with double loading system - DOPPELSTOCK

  • Full temperature control of transported cargo with the printout,
  • Permanent control of the transported cargo - GPS systems
  • Transportation of dangerous goods - ADR
  • Option to storage and transshipment of goods,
  • Place recognized SA Jas-Fbg:
  • ► Opening Tir Carnet in the simplified procedure,
    ► Check-export
    ► in the simplified procedure,

  • The full logistics service from receipt of the order, to deliver cargo to the delivery point.

We try to meet the individual needs of our customers.

08-200 Łosice
ul. Czarkowskiego 14
+48 83 357-29-24