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Anthony Czarkowski Shipping and Forwarding Enterprise Trade and is a modern company, which since 2001 has provided a wide range of transport and spedition services to the companies and individuals.

PTHS is a company who offers the wild range of refrigerant transport and spedition service throughout all Western Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine as well as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. From the autumn of 2009, the company has launched a storage and dispatch centre. It is used to optimize supply chain of our customers

On the surface of 14 000 m2 there are:

  • Warehouse with an area of 1 191 m2 equipped with lowered loading ramp which allows transshipment and external storage yard of 8 000 m2.
  • Office area of 184 m2.
Since March 2013 we have had a point approved by the SA JAS FBG Service - the service of customs formalities taking the goods under the TIR in a simplified manner. The advantage of the company is proven and qualified staff organizing and supervising the disposal of transportation and shipping, experienced drivers with years of experience and qualified technical support, ensuring the maintenance the constant highest quality of the fleet. Our priority is to satisfy the customers' needs as much as possible. To ensure this, we focus on the gradual growth of the company as a whole and improve the quality of our services.

08-200 Łosice
ul. Czarkowskiego 14
+48 83 357-29-24